Siwei Lyu interviewed about DeepFakes

Deepfake videos are showing up everywhere and Siwei Lyu is the go-to expert on the subject. He has recently interviewed by several prominent publications

USA Today (6/17/22) quoted Lyu on fabricated viral image of President Joe Biden on Costco gas pumps. Lyu said “You will notice some patterns showing up in the background of the LED screen as semi-regular grids," Liu said. "These patterns are known as the Moiré pattern, it is an artifact due to the mismatch between the camera sensor's pixel grid and the LED screen”

Bloomberg (6/23/22) quoted Lyu on Inc.’s Alexa digital assistant's impersonation of a grandmother. Lyu said “There are certainly benefits of voice conversion technologies to be developed by Amazon, but we should be aware of the potential misuses,” he said. “For instance, a predator can masquerade as a family member or a friend in a phone call to lure unaware victims, and a falsified audio recording of a high-level executive commenting on her company’s financial situation could send the stock market awry”

In an article (6/22/22) about a very realistic deepfake video involving actress Margo Robbie, The Daily Mail included comments by Siwei Lyu, Empire Innovation Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, in a 2021 UB news release concerning a deepfake spotting tool he created.