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Symposium 2023 Ethics of Science Communication, December 6 The Institute for Science & Policy.
Hey Google, Are Robots Racist? The Hidden Bias of our AI-Assisted World AIs help us in so many ways. They answer our questions. They suggest music, books, and other items based on what we already like. They find us the fastest way to reach our destinations, and match people who need a ride with people who are available to give a ride. They make our lives more convenient. But are they fair? Let’s talk about it. Image of Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons sweeping February 18th | 12:00-1:30 pm | FREE Buffalo Museum of Science.

DeepFake Reality

How Fake Media Affects You - A Live Demo

Postponed until December 10th

Saturday November 19, 2022 | 12:00-1:30 PM | BMS Auditorium | FREE

Buffalo Museum of Science logo.

Come talk about the impact of DeepFake videos on ordinary people with one of the world’s leading experts and see a live demonstration of this exciting—and disturbing—technology.

Fake videos of famous people are in the news. Sometimes they are silly, sometimes serious. They raise interesting legal questions. But unless you are an actor or a politician, why should you care? Only people who spend a lot of time in front of cameras can be put in a fake video, right? It is expensive and takes expertise to create a fake video, right? No one is going to create a fake video of you, right? Right?

Sadly, the rich and famous are no longer the only targets of so-called DeepFakes. The technology needed to create them is getting cheaper and easier to access. What does that mean for you? Let’s talk about it.

Headshot of Siwei Lyu.

 Dr. Siwei Lyu is one of the world’s leading experts on DeepFakes. He has testified on this subject before the NY Senate and US House of Representatives. His work on media forensics has been featured in more than 50 media interviews from global media venues including CNN, BBC, and Wired Magazine.

Lyu will be joined by students he mentors from Williamsville East HS and the University at Buffalo. They will demonstrate what can currently be done to create DeepFakes and discuss how to detect them, what to look for, and what things you need to be concerned about in a world where you cannot always trust what you see on video.

Buffalo Humanities Festival 2022: Life (in the Age of Artificial Intelligence)

September 24-25 at Silo City

The Buffalo Humanities Festival is an annual interdisciplinary event that began almost a decade ago and is presented in cooperation with scholars, artists, and activists throughout Buffalo with representatives from Buffalo State College, Canisius College, Niagara University, Dameon College, and a variety of community organizations in order to create conversations between campus and community audience around significant issues that have socio-political implications. For instance, recent festivals have had themes of “Democracy,” “Gender,” “Environments” and “Migration.” Our presenters, in short, tend to “showcase” faculty work rather than offer granular in-depth research, in order to introduce our wide-ranging audience to significant issues in varied fields.

A Panel Discussion on Sunday at 12:45, "The Algorithmic Present-Future: Cautionary Tales," features several CII Members:

  • Bruce Pitman, Professor, Materials Design and Innovation, UB
  • Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, Julian Park Professor, Comparative Literature, UB
  • Moderated by David Castillo, Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures and Co-Director, UB Center for Information Integrity
8th Annual WNY Refugee Health Summit (Sept. 10, 2022)

A coalition of community leaders and researchers in Buffalo, NY invites you to the 8th Annual WNY Refugee Health Summit. To thrive as individuals and members of society, youth need to be viewed as whole beings by their families, communities, and institutions. To promote a whole-person approach for optimal youth development in Western New York, the 8th Annual WNY Refugee Health Summit highlights the spirit and adaptability of youth who arrived as refugees. The event will address challenges and responses to a variety of issues that youth face, including mental health challenges, cultural barriers between older and younger generations, difficulty navigating higher education, and accessing culturally appropriate care.

NSF Convergence Accelerator Expo 2022

CII members Siwei Lyu, David Castillo, Rohini Srihari, Cynthia Stewart and colleagues from Clemson, Cornell, and the University of Illinois will Showcase DART, their NSF-Funded Societally Focused Solution at NSF Convergence Accelerator Expo 2022, scheduled virtually for July 27–28,2022.

DART: Deception Awareness and Resiliance Training, is designed to improve the awareness and resilience of older adult users to online deception, such as spear-phishing and catfishing scams, personal information hunting schemes, fake content, impersonation, and mis/disinformation. Learn more about DART at and join us in Booth F11 at Expo 2022.

2022 Rustgi Undergraduate Conference on South Asia: (Mis)Information (April 29 and 30, 2022)

The University at Buffalo, SUNY, is proud to hold its fourth annual Rustgi Undergraduate Conference on South Asia. We invite papers on the theme of “(Mis)information,” which may be interpreted broadly in its social or political sense. The echoes of misinformation ring in all our ears today as we interact with information endlessly. Regardless of whether it is inadvertent or purposeful, the spread of misinformation has affected how we communicate and process “truths” in our world. The 2021 Rustgi conference will feature a keynote lecture from novelist, essayist, and journalist Dr. Michael Muhammad Knight, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Central Florida. As a scholar, Knight has explored misinformation by contending with prominent descriptions of Islam in media, dissecting concepts of religious othering both within and outside the Muslim community. His works include The Taqwacores, Why I Am a Five Percenter, and Magic in Islam.

The fourth annual Rustgi South Asian Undergraduate Research Conference is made possible by a generous gift from the families of Dr. Vinod Rustgi and Dr. Anil Rustgi as well as funding from the University at Buffalo Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, UB Communityfor GlobalHealthEquity, UB HumanitiesInstitute, and UB Office of International Education.

Center for Information Integrity Kick-off Symposium (1/21/22)

The inaugural Center for Information Integrity (CII) event was a kick-off symposium featuring talks by members across several schools and disciplines, all of whom are working on questions relevant to CII.

We hope that this symposium will spark many interesting conversations, sharing, and fruitful collaborations. Information about them and the topics on which they spoke can be found on the attached program.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the symposium took place via Zoom. Recordings of many of the talks are available below. Due to technical difficulties, the introductory remarks and the presentation by Siwei Lyu were not recorded.