Elected officials receive anti-gun letters on ‘Alternative Rule’ paper

Photo of Matt Kenyon.

Though it might look like the paper you use to learn penmanship, in Alternative Rule, the lines on the paper are made up of micro-printed names and dates of children who have been victims of gun violence since the Columbine High School shooting.

In 2020, Matt Kenyon created "Alternative Rule", a circulating memorial and protest tool to commemorate the lives of school children who have been injured or killed by school shootings since Columbine.

In response to the tragic shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, CII co-sponsored a letter writing event at Fitz Books on 6/1/22 where participants used the paper to write to elected officials and those in power, demanding a change in America's gun policies which have harmed so many. This event was covered by the Buffalo News.   [Learn More about Alternative Rule.]