Hey Google, Are Robots Racist?

The Hidden Bias of our AI-Assisted World

February 18th | 12:00-1:30 pm | FREE

Buffalo Museum of Science Auditorium

Four colored dots with a speach bubble saying "Hi, how can I help?".

AIs help us in so many ways. They answer our questions. They suggest music, books, and other items based on what we already like. They find us the fastest way to reach our destinations, and match people who need a ride with people who are available to give a ride. They make our lives more convenient.

But are they fair?

About the Panelists

Photo of E. Bruce Pitman.

E. Bruce Pitman, Professor, UB Materials Design and Innovation. An expert in mathematical modeling, for the last two decades Pitman has been studying uncertainty and how we can account for it.


Photo of Mark Shepard.

Mark Shepard, UB Architecture and Media Study. Shepard recently published There Are No Facts: Attentive Algorithms, Extractive Data Practices, and the Quantification of Everyday Life.

Photo of Jasmina Tacheva.

Jasmina Tacheva, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University and PhD student, Comparative Literature, UB.


Photo of Ewa Ziarek.

Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, Julian Park Professor, UB Comparative Literature. Ziarek’s research interests include feminist political theory, modernism, critical race theory, and algorithmic culture.

Photo of David Castillo.

Moderated by David Castillo, Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures and Co-Director, UB Center for Information Integrity.