Our Mission

Researchers at UB.

CIBR researchers collaborate. 

We're here to cultivate excellent research. 

The University is currently home to a large number of faculty in the field of ingestive behavior research. The organizational structure provided by the CIBR serves to garner the national and international recognition deserved by our researchers, while making us very competitive for institutional training grants and large-scale program project grants. 

Our Mission

To bolster the community of researchers at UB who study ingestive behavior in all forms. Specifically, we aim to provide financial and administrative support for our current members, as well as to attract exciting new research projects. Our commitment is to cultivate a robust and productive community of excellence. 

Our Goals

  • To provide financial and administrative support for UBIB activities, including the annual research day and training and research grant applications.
  • To support trainee development by providing financial support for student and postdoc travel to scientific meetings, and by providing additional funds for graduate stipends to help recruit the best trainees.
  • To attract new research in ingestive behavior by offering seed money to existing or planned research projects that are nearly ready for funding applications, but lack a critical piece of preliminary data.
  • To collaborate with individual departments to support ingestive behavior speakers in existing seminar series, and to help advertise these seminars to the broader UB community.
  • To create novel training and mentorship opportunities by bringing together investigators who study similar questions using different models, approaches, and levels of analysis. 
  • To build a strong foundation for conducting truly translational research and will draw national attention to this existing and growing strength at UB.