Geography BA - General Geography

General Geography prepares students to think critically about how and why the location and arrangements in space of human and natural phenomena contribute to a wide-range of issues affecting the environment and society. Students in this track are especially encouraged to apply the principles and methods of geography in other disciplines, such as economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, geology, computer science, engineering, and mathematics.

Program Requirements

This option requires 37 Geography credit hours.

  • GEO 101 Earth Systems Science I
  • GEO 102 Human Geography      OR     GEO 103 Global Economic Geographies
  • GEO 120 Maps: Earth From Above                   
  • GEO 211 Univariate Statistics
  • Additional Geography courses to reach a minimum total of 37 Geography credits – at least 24 Geography elective credits must be at the 300/400 level.