Geography BA with concentration in Urban and Regional Analysis

Urban and Regional Analysis prepares students to identify and address a wide variety of economic and social problems related to but not limited to transportation, land use, urban environment, housing, work and welfare, population changes and migration, and health in a geographical context.

Program Requirements

This concentration requires 37 Geography credits.

Required courses:

  • GEO101 Earth Systems Science I
  • GEO102 Intro. to Human Geography  OR  GEO103 Global Economic Geographies
  • GEO120 Maps: Earth From Above
  • GEO211 Univariate Statistics in Geography
  • GEO366 Urban Geography  OR  GEO367 Urban Social Geography

Three electives from the following list:

  • GEO 366 Urban Systems Geography
  • GEO 367 Urban Social Geography
  • GEO 411 Multivariate Statistics in Geography
  • GEO 412 Geography of Health
  • GEO 418 Population Geography
  • GEO 419 Transportation and Society
  • GEO 425 Industrial/Business Geography
  • GEO 426 JAQ Small Business Entrepreneurship, Innovation
  • GEO 430 Geographies of Urban Design
  • GEO 460 Geography of Development
  • GEO 481 Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 482 Locational Analysis

At least 12 credits of GEO electives must be completed at the 300/400 level