The English Honors program enables talented students to work more closely with faculty in seminar-style courses, and in writing a senior thesis. Honors students write a Senior Thesis, which consists of independent work culminating in a paper of 30-35 pages. Honors students are especially likely to participate with faculty on research projects or as research assistants.  

To graduate with Honors in English, students must complete one English honors seminar (3 credits), and one Senior Thesis.  Students complete the honors thesis in one or two semesters (3-6 credits).

English majors can enter the Honors Program in one of two ways:

  • Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher within the major can apply directly to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Any English major who has a 3.8 GPA within the major, with grades in at least two 200-level and three 300-level English courses may, upon application, enter immediately into the Honors Program. Other applications will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Student can also be nominated by faculty from the English Department. Students who are recommended by faculty must achieve a 3.5 GPA before graduation in order to graduate with honors. 

For more information about the English Honors Program, consult the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

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