Gender and Sexuality

Boy George.

Gender and Sexuality studies at UB bring together faculty from a wide range of feminist traditions and methods, including rhetorical, literary, and cultural studies, and it encourages interdisciplinary scholarship as a critical means recognizing marginalized cultures, texts, and social movements.  Engaged with UB’s large international community and its strength in transnational critical studies, many feminist faculty study the implications for women in the shifting relations between host nations and homelands, individual and nation, crossgendered and crossracial formations. The confluence of research on globalization, transnationalism, and feminism allows graduate students to develop their work in a complex, twenty-first century frame.

In addition to the English department’s strength, the Gender Institute hosts annual conferences and an international film festival, and also provides, research, scholarship, and grant support; the Research Workshop in Queer Studies hosts reading groups, visiting speakers, and other public events; and the Department of Global Gender Studies offers courses and many allied faculty.