Communication Minor

Department Requirements for Completion of the Minor

  • Two courses (6 credits) of communication consisting of COM 101 and one other COM course at the 200 level, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 averaged across the two courses.
  • Four courses (3 credits each) in COM at the 300 or 400 level.
  • 18 total credit hours.
  • An overall 2.5 GPA in the minor.
  • Students must declare the minor at the beginning, or before, their senior year (as they have to complete six courses).

List of Courses/Required Courses

  • COM 101 Principles of Communication.
  • One additional course (3 credits) at the 200 level, with a grade of C or better.
  • Any COM 200-499 course, except COM 495 (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant).

General Guidelines

  • Students may apply no more than two transfer courses (3 credit hours each) to the minor.
  • No more than two pass-fail courses can be counted toward the minor.


Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.