The faculty strongly recommended that you work with your academic advisor to ensure you are successfully completing all required (core) communication courses early on in your academic career. Passing the required classes ensures acceptance into the major and that you will be eligible to graduate if your other degree requirements are met.

All incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students should contact the College of Arts and Sciences for advisement. They can be reached at

275 Park Hall

(716) 645-6883

Please note: You must earn a passing grade in each of the core classes in order to graduate. UB policy allows students to retake a class only once to replace a failing or low grade. Students who fail core classes must work especially hard to ensure that they pass on the second attempt or they will need to find a new major.

Are you getting listserv emails for important updates and opportunities?
If not email Azita Safaie with your UBIT username and request to be added. This will ensure that you have all of the information you need!

Please note: Be sure to see your advisor if necessary before the semester wraps up! As always, please be sure to bring your DARS report with you when you come to see an advisor.

If you have a question or concern related to advisement, you should always address it with your Academic Advisor! You should also be aware that in any organization there is a problem resolution path; that is, who to contact if you have a concern. For the Communication Department, you should bring any concerns related to courses to your Instructor or Professor first. If the problem cannot be resolved at that level, you should then proceed as follows: Academic Advisor (Azita Safaie); then the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Lance Rintamaki), then the Department Chair (Dr. Mark Frank).

Azita Safaie
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Work Phone: (716) 645-1171
Office Location: 311 Baldy Hall

In order to give every student her full time and attention, please set up all appointments with Azita by either calling 716-645-6883 or via NAVIGATE.

Walk-In Times (DURING DROP/ADD ONLY): M-F 12-4p 

Dr. Lance Rintamaki
Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: (716) 645-1158
Notes: Dr. Rintamaki is the Director of Undergraduate Studies, but Azita Safaie usually assists students first. If there's a problem Azita can't handle, then Dr. Rintamaki or the department chair would usually be consulted.

Dr. Melanie Green
Chair, Communication Department
Notes: Dr. Green is the Chair of the Communication Dept. Any concerns should first be addressed with Azita Safaie and Dr. Rintamaki.

Ed Brodka
UB Career Counselor
Work Phone: (716) 645-2231
Office Location: 259 Capen Hall
Office Hours: Call for an appointment. Also available for quick questions (resume critiques, etc.) daily from 4-5 pm; Mondays 11am - noon.