Student Funding

The department encourages all undergraduate majors and minors to frequently check this page to apply for funding opportunities as they become available.

Research Funding

Phyllis Hartrich Memorial Award
Application Deadline: March 26, 2018
Award Amount: Up to $2,000

Students in the Department of Anthropology planning to graduate in December 2018 or later are eligible to receive an award of up to $2,000 to defray the costs of carrying out an independent research project, including equipment and travel to research sites. To apply, students must submit a proposal of no more than 600 words describing the aims and methods of the research project, together with a budget, to Carol Zittel ( by Monday, March 26, 2018. The award is intended to support research carried out between May 2018 and May 2019.

Students must work in consultation with a faculty member who will provide advisement on the project, and obtain his or her signature on a statement attached to the proposal certifying his or her willingness to serve as the project adviser. No funds will be provided for travel to conferences or for research designed by a faculty member.

Journey to Discovery Award
Deadline: March 16, 2018
Award Amount: $500.00

Searching for the answer to a question can often lead you in a different direction from where you originally thought you’d go. What starts out as a clear research project often becomes murky as you explore the books, articles, archival materials, etc. related to your topic. Sometimes a person or service in the library presents you with a new way to approach your project or introduces a world of resources you never knew existed. In the end, you realize that your journey of discovery is just as important as the answer to your question.

The UB Libraries would like to know about your Journey of Discovery. In an essay (1000-1500 words) or video (15 minutes or less), tell us how a library resource, service, space, or person(s) challenged you in a way that changed the course of your original research project. Along with your essay or video, please include the research paper or project that resulted from this encounter.

Please visit the Journey to Discovery award page for further infromation and how to apply.


Department of Anthropology Awards and Scholarships

The 2018 award cycle is now open!

All Anthropology students are invited to apply to the various scholarships and awards offered by the department. Please visit the Honors, Prizes and Awards page for further details and to download the award applications. Please submit your application for consideration by March 23, 2018.


2018 Lambda Alpha National Scholarship

Deadline: March 5, 2018
Award amount: $5,000

The Lambda Alpha National Executive Council members are accepting one undergraduate senior nominee per chapter for the National Scholarships. To ensure a quality set of candidates, applicants that are not society members will be allowed to join the honor society. New applicants must be accepted by their chapter by the award deadline. To apply for membership, chapter faculty sponsors should submit a printed, signed application form and the $25 lifetime membership fee before the competition deadline.

Lambda Alpha Undergraduate Scholarships:

3 undergraduate senior student scholarships, $5,000 each, $15,000 total. The three undergraduate scholarships will be awarded to the top three applicants selected by the National Executive Council members.


The Lambda Alpha National Scholarship of $5,000 is to be awarded to a graduating senior (summer 2018) majoring in anthropology.

Please submit 4 copies (one original for the National Office and 3 copies for the National Executive Council members) the following materials printed front-to-back and stapled, with no covers/folders:

1. A letter of nomination from the department or appropriate academic unit stating the candidate is applying for the National Scholarship.

2. Curriculum vitae.

3. A statement signed by the applicant giving permission to the National Executive Council members to view submitted transcripts. (See the Application section below)

4. One official, original academic transcript and 3 copies of transcripts of all undergraduate institutions attended by the applicant.

5. Two (2) supporting letters of recommendation; one letter must be from a professional anthropologist (4 copies each). The letters should be forwarded to the faculty sponsor by the letter writers to include in the application packet.

 6. A statement of future professional plans limited to one page or less, single spaced. (4 copies)

7. A document must be submitted in manuscript form, double spaced, no less than 10 pages in length, that is ready for consideration for publication in the Lambda Alpha Journal. (4 copies). The purpose is to evaluate formal writing skills, and the ability to compose a research paper. Original thesis manuscripts, previously published papers, co-authored publications and contract archaeological reports are not acceptable. Please submit the required original manuscript in a pdf file on a CD, thumb drive, or flash drive and any associated graphics. The file will be sent to the Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Peer Moore-Jansen for consideration in the Lambda Alpha Journal via Melanie Cabak of the National Office.


Please submit application materials to:  Carol Zittel, Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Anthropology, 368 Filmore by March 5, 2018.


Daniel H. Weiskotten Scholarship
Application Deadline: February 28, 2018
Award Amount: $750.00

To apply for this award, a student must be a New York State resident enrolled in an accredited New York State college or university undergraduate Anthropology or History program.  The student applicant must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours; be majoring in Anthropology or History; and be intending to pursue a career in archaeology (prehistoric, historic, military, industrial, underwater archaeology or museology); and have a financial need.

Application Process:

Submit the following materials -

  1. Current college transcript showing a "B" average or better.
  2. Financial need statement (Financial aid verification form from the college)
  3. Letter from the applicant describing involvement in archaeological projects, description of financial need, and future plans
  4. Recommendation from a professional archaeologist

Further details are located in the below scholarship announcement.

Field School Funding

No opportunities at this time. Please check back soon.

Graduate School Funding

No opportunities at this time. Please check back soon.

University Resources

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College of Arts and Sciences

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