Honors, Prizes and Awards

Photo of students receiving awards with faculty.

Departmental award recipients with faculty.

Anthropology majors are eligible for a number of SUNY, UB and departmental awards. Award recipients are announced during the spring semester and presented at the annual university and departmental awards celebrations.

SUNY and UB Awards

SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

The highest student award. Candidates are selected by a UB committee based on overall GPA and activities, then forwarded to Albany where final SUNY-wide candidates are selected.

College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Outstanding Senior Commencement Award

The Director of Undergraduate Studies with members from the Undergraduate Committee select the best senior candidate based on GPA and university service and present the student's dossier to the CAS Dean.

Faculty-Nominated Department Awards

Leadership Award

Presented to an undergraduate student who has shown exceptional dedication to the Department of Anthropology through service. Selected by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Committee.

Lucia Maria Houpt Award

Presented to the outstanding graduating senior in the Department of Anthropology, based on GPA, departmental service and university-wide service. Selected by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Committee.

Marion Dickson Scholarship for Outstanding Junior 

This award is given to a junior student based on overall and departmental GPA and departmental service. Selected by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Committee.

Department Awards Requiring Application

In the spring semester faculty and students are invited to put forth nominations for the below awards (self-nominations are encouraged). Final selections are made by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Committee.

The Justin Van Ness Award is awarded to a senior majoring in Anthropology who has demonstrated deep concern for the environment and its preservation and has a financial need.  High GPA is not a factor but will not be discounted; academic motivation and focused interest in anthropology are expected.  Preference will be given to full-time students.

The Klein Family Student Scholarship is given annually to students majoring in Anthropology at UB who have demonstrated academic promise and plan to pursue graduate studies in a medical field. Preference will be given to full-time students with senior-standing in Fall 2022.  Students must be enrolled at UB during academic year 2021-22 to receive this award.

NOTE: UB undergrads pursuing graduate school at UB in a health or medical program may be considered, as well.

The Undergraduate Professional Activities and Achievements Award is given to a senior anthropology major who, in addition to maintaining a high level of academic achievement, has engaged in professional activities as an undergraduate to an extent that warrants special recognition. Such activities might include: participation in, and presentation at, anthropology conferences; substantial independent research of professional quality publication; and, professional-level service to the department, such as the organization of special anthropology events, outstanding anthropology club leadership, and other professional activities.

Academic Recoginition

Latin Honors are bestowed by UB upon conferral of the degree. The honor designations include cum laude (“with praise;” cumulative GPA of 3.2), magna cum laude (“with great praise;” cumulative GPA of 3.5), or summa cum laude (“with highest praise;” cumulative GPA of 3.75).

Students may receive Honors in Anthropology by maintaining an overall 3.5 GPA or above and completing a senior thesis.

Phi Beta Kappa, established on December 5, 1776, at the College of William and Mary, is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious liberal arts honors society. Outstanding junior and senior students are elected to the honors society by a committee of the Omicron Chapter at UB.