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Book cover lithograph, Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia: Submerged Genealogy and the Legacy of Costal Capture.

Book cover lithograph, Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia: Submerged Genealogy and the Legacy of Costal Capture. Illustration depicts Naval battle off the coast of Celebes between the VOC and forces under Makassar during the Great Ambon War (1651-1656), part of the spice wars. From Livinus Bor (1663), Amboinse oorlog door Arnold de Vlaming van Oudshoorn als superintendent, over d’oostersegewesten oorlogaftig ten eind gebracht, 1663. The Hague, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 3088 G 34.

Episode 5: Jennifer L. Gaynor discusses maritime Southeast Asia

Published September 23, 2020

In Episode 5 of the podcast Jennifer Gaynor discusses her current research and her previous book, Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia, which drew on European and Southeast Asian sources, as well as four years in Indonesia, where she worked with rare Bugis language manuscripts and lived in communities of Sama sea people.

Keywords: Cultural Studies, Asian Studies Culture and Law, Culture and Society, Maritime Law, Law and Social Science, Legal History, History.

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Jennifer L. Gaynor, Research Fellow, The Baldy Center

Research Focus: A: Maritime Asia, Indonesia, Maritime Law, Politics, Humans in Coastal Ecotones, History of Global Land Reclamation
Jennifer Gaynor.

Jennifer Gaynor 

Jennifer L. Gaynor is an historian and anthropologist of Southeast Asia and its surrounding seas. She writes about Southeast Asia’s maritimeand littoral worlds, the region's transnational and global interconnections, and relations between society and politics. A Research Fellow at the Baldy Center, Gaynor's work includes analyses of law in historical context, from Grotius to the South China Sea, and she has mentore dadvanced graduate students and junior scholars on topics in the study of law, society, and justice in Asia. Learn more.

Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia: Submerged Genealogy and the Legacy of Coastal Capture (2016)

Jennifer L. Gaynor
Political and interethnic ties among Sulawesi’s littorals and land-based realms of 17th-century spice trade.

2020-21 Podcast Producer

Azalia Muchransyah.

Azalia Muchransyah


Azalia Muchransyah is a filmmaker, writer, and scholar from Indonesia. In Spring 2021 she completed her PhD in Media Study. During her time as our podcast producer, she was a PhD Candidate in Media Study at UB. Muchransyah's research investigates the status of activist media, specifically for HIV advocacy in Indonesia. Her short films have been officially selected for screening at international festivals and academic conferences.

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Samantha Barbas, PhD
Professor, UB School of Law
Director, The Baldy Center

Caroline Funk, PhD
Associate Director, The Baldy Center

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