FALL 2020 — SPRING 2021

The Baldy Center Podcast

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The Fall 2020 episodes of the podcast offer insight from Mark Bartholomew (UB Law), Irus Braverman (UB Law), Amanda Hughett (former Baldy Center Fellow), David Herzberg (UB History), Jennifer Gaynor (Baldy Center) and others. 

The Spring 2021 episodes of The Baldy Center Podcast presents faculty affiliates discussing research about: Nurse-Initiated Protocols in Emergency Departments; Tacit Racism; Urban Renewal and School Reform; Harm Reduction; Law, Class and Racial Capitalism on ClassCrits, the opiod crisis; and, the Alison Des Forges International Symposium, among other topics.  

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Fall 2020 Podcast Episodes

Fall 2020 Podcast Trailer

Spring 2021 Podcast Episodes

Spring 2021 Trailer