Locker Room: The Clubhouse

Stats from right, center and left field

Compiled by Michael Flatt


Is it a plane…?

The strongest bow used by a member of the UB Archery Club requires 60 to 70 pounds of draw strength and fires an arrow at an estimated 190 miles per hour


Going… Going… Goal!

At the kickoff of the second overtime in the Sept. 5 match against Bryant, sophomore Russell Cicerone of the men’s soccer team scored from 58 yards out.

Watch the video: Russell Cicerone's 58-yard game-winning goal in 2nd OT.


Killer Bull

As of press time, women’s volleyball junior outside hitter Tahleia Bishop ranked 21st in the nation with 4.33 kills per set.


Choose your demo

Fun fact: 44 years separate the premier albums of Three Dog Night and Easton Corbin, two acts featured in this year’s Tailgate Concert Series.