locker room: very Superstitious

Pregame rituals of UB’s student-athletes

Wrestler Jason Estevez

Jason Estevez

Redshirt freshman wrestler Jason Estevez takes the maxim “A place for everything and everything in its place” literally—at least the night before a match. That’s when Estevez folds and packs his wrestling gear with military precision, and places it in a particular spot on his bed.

“I just need to have everything neat so that I’m not thinking about anything,” says Estevez, a 19-year-old Livingston, N.J., native who wrestles in the 141-pound weight class. “I know it’s all in the same spot, so I don’t have any second thoughts.”

Although he’s obsessive about neatness, cleanliness is another matter. Estevez will purposely let his gear get funky for the sake of a win streak. “I usually wear the same socks every match, same clothes. I can [wash my uniform] but sometimes I decide not to if I’m winning in it. If I’m winning in it, I’ll keep it,” he says.

A little advice for Estevez’s opponents: If his duffle bag stinks to high heaven, you may want to think about forfeiting.

an illustration of runner Jason Estevez pregame ritual

Illustration by Hal Mayforth