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The fabulous Tzippy

What a refreshingly different and inspirational article about style icon Tziporah Salamon [“A Singular Sensibility,” Spring 2015]. There are more ways to bring peace and joy into the world than seeking political office or accumulating degrees that can’t be applied to life situations. Kudos to Ms. Salamon for living her joy and to At Buffalo for sharing her story!

Freda Steward (BA ’76)
Lilburn, Ga.

Boxing’s ‘sweet science’

Regarding “The Ring Leaders” [Spring 2015]: My neighbor Ron Aurit, one of the founders of the National Collegiate Boxing Association, will be delighted to hear that the sweet science has an academic home at Buffalo. Go team!

Ron Bohr (PhD ’64, MA ’62)
Huntington Valley, Pa.

More accolades for women’s soccer

Thanks for the article on the women’s soccer team and their 2014 MAC title [“Finding Their Way,” Spring 2015]. You should know that the 2000 women’s soccer team also won the MAC Conference title. The 2014 team was first to win the MAC Tournament, and the alumni are so proud of them for that. But I know players on the 2000 team are also very proud of their accomplishments. Go Bulls!

Anna-Lesa Calvert (BA ’06)
Hamburg, N.Y.

A classmate remembered

Gary Collins (BA ’88) might not remember me, but I remember him! [“Going for Broke,” Spring 2015]. I graduated a year behind him and we were part of the growing College Democrats on campus. He was engaging, friendly, kind, sincere, bright and capable. When I got my At Buffalo this week and opened it up, I knew immediately who the man in the story was (he hasn’t changed much!). I enjoyed being able to read more about what he did after graduation and the ways he has stayed in the role of advocate and policymaker. Congratulations, Gary, and to UB—I love your magazine and read it cover-to-cover.

Courtney Johnson-Woods (BA ’89)
Potsdam, N.Y.

At Buffalove

As a recent donor to the UB Poetry Collection Future Fund, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my first [Spring 2015] edition of At Buffalo. The cover photo of Tzippy Salamon was so striking poking out of the pile of mail that I picked it up right away. The entire magazine is beautifully designed and a pleasure to peruse. Thank you for lending me a window into all that’s happening in the UB community, both on campus and off, and in such a great format!

Deb Abgott
Clarence Center, N.Y.

Get the fests right

I have to correct an inaccuracy in “Rocking the Casbah” [Alumni Life, Spring 2015]. Cyndi Lauper and Stevie Ray Vaughan performed at Spring Fest 1984, not Fall Fest of that year. As a student, I served in several roles, including Fest coordinator, and was a member of the UUAB Concert Board. So I remember many of these events quite well.

Wayne Domnitz (BA ’87)
Merrick, N.Y.

Editor’s response: Right you are, Wayne, and thank you for setting the record straight.

From the Editor’s Desk

Careful Reader Quiz

Our Careful Reader Quiz (“What am I? Hint: I’m invasive”) drew 61 responses by press time, most with the correct answer, “zebra mussel,” from our feature story on algae outbreaks in the Great Lakes [“Green Menace,” Spring 2015]. The first to respond correctly was Daniel Jacobson (MS ’87, BA ’84) of Pittsford, N.Y. An At Buffalo mug is on its way.

Quiz response breakdown:









zebra mussel illustration

Sandra Guzdek (BFA ’92) of Eugene, Ore., not only answered correctly, but also sent a zebra mussel illustration she did in 1991 for the campus magazine Generation.

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