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Facebook Edition

Faculty Fave

The UB Alumni Association asked Facebook followers to name their most memorable professors at UB. Here are (lightly edited) highlights from their responses.

Joan Dorn from social and preventive health. She always took you as you came and helped you to be your best. Twenty years later, I still value her mentorship and dedication.”

Brooke Lerner
(PhD ’01, MS ’98 & BA ’93)

Professor Charles Haynie in political science. We couldn’t have had more different political philosophies, but we had the freedom to disagree in a productive and respectful way—unlike the groupthink mentality that has overtaken many colleges and universities and rendered discourse untenable.”

Donna LeValley
(JD ’97, BA ’94)

Dr. Robert Ketter. I recently realized how his one class, Steel and Timber Design, taught me that I could be an engineer. While I suffered through many tough classes, after his class I knew I could do this—and I have been doing it for 34 years.”

Howard Ressel
(BS ’84)

Chuck Lamb, teaching constitutional law. He challenged us and encouraged us to wrestle with weighty issues and decisions.”

Edward Heim
(BA ’88)

Sociology professor Ed Powell taught me to listen to all opinions but to never let your own be silenced. History professor Richard Ellis taught me that the voices of the founders of our nation can still be heard through their letters and other writings.”

Jeffrey Schmid
(BA ’89)

“Three cheers for Professor Fred See in the English department! He took no prisoners and was a strict taskmaster, demanding original thought and expression from his students. He made literature come alive.”

Anna De Leon McGrath
(BA ’89)

“Not in any particular order: Dr. Y.G. Lulat, Dr. Henry Louis Taylor Jr., Judge Barbara Howe and Dr. Craig Centrie. I thank each of them and appreciate all I learned from them. I still have all of my books from their courses in my library.”

Antonica James
(BA ’06)

David Schmid and Robert Daly of the English department. I loved going to their classes to learn. I wasn’t even an English major; I was an accounting major. In that department, Alex Ampadu has a great teaching style and personality, and he really vets his students to ensure they are cut out for accounting.”

Gary Vinette
(BS ’15)