Guidelines are the foundation of any successful social media landscape. Take the time to become familiar with UB’s social media guidelines. Stay tuned for updates!

  • 5/16/18
    Our social channels should be a safe and engaging space where our followers feel they can add to the dialogue. UB’s Comment Guidelines help set expectations about what we consider to be acceptable practice, as well as how we will moderate comments to protect that environment.
  • 8/2/21
    Learn about the standards and practices that are required for all official university social media accounts.
  • 3/4/21
    Social media presents a myriad of challenges, including constrained and variable profile image sizes, naming structure limitations, differences between desktop and mobile viewing, accessibility requirements, etc. UB’s Social Media Profile Guidelines ensure consistency when presenting the UB brand across social media as well as flexibility to demonstrate the account’s uniqueness and content focus.
  • 10/12/20
    Using UB’s hashtags in your social media posts have many benefits. First and foremost, hashtags give your posts more visibility. They not only help fans find your content, but also allow other members of the UB community to easily see your posts (and potentially share them).
  • 12/12/19
    Whether there is severe weather on the horizon or an unforeseen crisis on campus, we put our UB community first.
  • 5/13/21
    Meet Little Victor! UB’s favorite mascot has been emojified and is now available for use across official university social media accounts, as well as Student Association-recognized club pages.