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The upgrade to UB's hyperbaric chamber is being handled by three generations of UB engineers who know the chamber inside and out.


The PixStori app merges video recordings with Instagram-like photos for a new kind of oral history.


If New York State decides to turn off Niagara Falls, geologists could study how the falls have eroded the land beneath them.


Scientists predict that phosphine’s superconductivity under pressure arises due, in part, to the chemical decomposing.


A university's physical environment does not always support its scholars, UB faculty member Kari Winter says.


There’s a theory in political circles that the party truly controls the candidate-selection process. Then 2016 happened.


Health care providers need to understand  military culture to work effectively with veterans, according to a new UB study.


Clinical trials treating epilepsy patients with medical marijuana aim to fill the gaps in knowledge about the drug's safety and efficacy.


UB medical geographer Jared Aldstadt says it's unlikely the Zika virus will affect large parts of the country.


Research by UB faculty member James Campbell has influenced the campaign strategy of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.


A UB study will investigate the effectiveness of a new therapy that uses storytelling to treat trauma in adolescents.


UB scientists are working to develop a therapy that could enable patients to control glucose levels while also losing weight.


UB engineers are working to help underwater telecommunication catch up to its over-the-air counterpart.