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Research News


RIA research has found the abuse of some prescription drugs by college students can play a role in sexual assault and regretted sex.


CT scans of a 37-million-year-old skull fossil reveal a clearer picture of two very small, primitive species of a dog relative. 


A genetic variant associated strongly with the skin condition may be a random artifact of evolution, a UB study finds.


In the sixth installment of the weekly "big idea" series, Yunju Nam tackles economic inequality.


Mustafa Jarrar chose UB's Department of Biomedical Informatics as the best place in the U.S. to work on biomedical ontology.


UB researchers have developed a simpler solution for the mathematical equation that describes these enigmatic waves, called solitons.


A UB study found that public criticism of impoverished and African-American fathers is largely unfounded.


The “East Los High” edutainment program is showing that entertainment media can be leveraged for health promotion and social change.


In the fifth installment in the weekly “big idea” series, Mark Shepard proposes integrating technology with natural systems.


A UB study has found that incomplete end-of-life treatment forms can lead to the elderly receiving more care than they may have wanted.


UB's Research Institute on Addictions will use the funding to develop and evaluate an online program specifically designed to help these women.


A UB study has found that the working mothers who are most in need of social support are the least likely to get it.


The UB research marks a step forward in the quest to develop personalized brain stimulation as a treatment for disease.