VOLUME 31, NUMBER 14 THURSDAY, December 2, 1999

photo by: Nancy J. Parisi

Trees galore

The Center for the Arts Atrium once again was the setting for the annual Festival of Trees, held last weekend to benefit the Children's Hospital of Buffalo Foundation.

MBA presence to expand in China
Motorola selects SOM to offer executive program to its employees in Beijing

Motorola has selected the School of Management to deliver an Executive MBA program to customers and employees from the company's operations in China.

"Josie True" draws girls to computers
Her name is "Josie True." She's 11 years old, 5'1" and as online as she wants to be. With black hair dancing and arms akimbo, she looks like she bolted out of Japanese animation to battle Mothra. And in one sense, she has.


Top Stories...

· Prevention is best way to avert hearing loss: Salvi tells "UB at Sunrise" audience research aims to restore hearing, prevent loss
· 2000 Commencement Schedule
· RIA receives federal grant: Researchers to use $2.74 million to study teens' risky behavior
· Mideast is site of new program
· Researcher studies effects of drinking: Roberta Pentney devotes her career to studying chronic alcohol abuse and brain function
· Classroom space discussed: FSEC members say lack of space, poor quality affects work
· Snow Closing Announcement
· UB teams join search for alien life: SETI@home project uses computer-screen savers to record radio chatter from outer space

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