VOLUME 31, NUMBER 14 THURSDAY, December 2, 1999

Snow Closing Announcement

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When winter-weather conditions become so severe that the university cannot operate effectively, an announcement to that effect will be made over local radio stations, including WBFO-FM 88.7, which may broadcast more detailed information. The initial announcement will be made by 6 a.m. and will be repeated frequently.

Before this decision can be made, we must determine local road conditions, the ability of our bus service to provide transportation within and among the campuses, and our ability to keep the campus roadways and parking lots open.

Once the announcement is made, however, only essential service employees are expected to work. Heating Plant, Chilled Water Plant, University Facilities, University Police, Animal Care, Food Service, Health Service and other employees who are essential to maintaining the university's vital services, to providing food for dormitory residents and to cleaning the parking lots and roadways should make every effort to get to the university.

In order to ensure that those in your area who should come in know who they are, it is advisable that they be notified again (or initially) at this time each year so that there is no misunderstanding if and when an announcement has to be made. All others are expected to stay away from the campus for the duration of the announcement period.

Those employees who work on these days should, of course, be marked present. All others must charge the time to personal-leave credits, vacation or compensatory time. Anyone who does not have sufficient accruals may borrow from future accruals. Only the governor can declare officially that UB is closed and only he can authorize employees to remain away from work without the use of leave credits. In all other cases, a UB employee must charge this time not worked to vacation, personal-leave or compensatory time.

Notwithstanding the above, no person who is able to and does get to work will be deprived of the opportunity to work. Furthermore, if it is determined during the course of a workday that the university cannot operate effectively, no employee should be required to leave at that moment; employees rather should be permitted to leave then or any time thereafter. Only the time that they are absent should be charged to leave credits.

We cannot guarantee that those employees who get to the campus or those who stay after a snow announcement is made will be able to work at their normal work places. Adequate supervision may be unavailable or it may be that the building in which the individual normally works is not open. Provision should be made for alternate campus work locations and alternate work for those who do get to the campus but who cannot go to their regular work places or cannot perform their regular work assignments.

-Robert J. Wagner Senior Vice President

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