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Zero Waste at football games

UB student volunteers are roaming UB Stadium and its grounds making sure the 20,000 or so spectators at Bulls' football games create as little waste as possible.

‘Supermensch’ returns to UB

Shep Gordon graduated from UB a notorious prankster. Last week, he returned a Hollywood legend.

Singer returns to discuss book

Former UB faculty member Simon Singer returns to UB to talk about his new book, a case study of delinquency in the Town of Amherst that illuminates the roots of juvenile offending in modern society.

‘Opera of images’

“How Did We…?” a new work for theater designed and produced by the internationally renowned artist and choreographer Doug Fitch, will premiere at UB Nov. 13-15.

National tribute

The UB Police Department is one of 15 police agencies in the country chosen for a video tribute by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

UB creates Ebola advisory panel

UB has formed an Ebola Advisory Committee to monitor the global health crisis and prepare the university to respond, as needed, to new developments in the spread of the virus and the directives of federal, state and county health officials.

Administering justice after a disaster

The attorney who oversaw the administration of compensation funds on behalf of the victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack and several other high-profile mass disasters and mass torts was in Buffalo to deliver the annual Lippes Lecture.

Ebola's evolutionary roots

New UB research shows that filoviruses — a family to which Ebola and its similarly lethal relative, Marburg, belong — are at least 16-23 million years old.

What do American babies eat?

A lot depends on Mom’s socioeconomic background, a new UB study has found.

RIA collaborates on study

Scientists at UB’s Research Institute on Addictions are taking part in a National Institute on Drug Abuse Center of Excellence study on the genetics of drug abuse.

‘Overwhelming tide’ toward same-sex marriage

UB Law professor Michael Boucai says nationwide legalization of same-sex marriages is only a matter of time.


'How Did We...?"

A new work for theater designed and produced by Doug Fitch will premiere at UB Nov. 13-15.