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Updated January 21, 2016

Some of the UB employees who have completed 30, 40 and 50 years of service gathered with Provost Charles F. Zukoski and President Satish K. Tripathi during a reception on June 30 at the UB President's Residence.

Longtime employees recognized

Published July 23, 2015

Faculty and staff members who have completed 30, 40 and 50 years of service to UB were honored June 30 at a reception at the UB President’s Residence on Lebrun Road in Eggertsville.

President Satish K. Tripathi and his wife, Kamlesh, hosted the reception, during which service-recognition pins were presented to the honorees.

Six members of the UB community were recognized for 50 years’ service. They were Robert Ackerhalt, Nuclear Medicine; Harvey Breverman, Art; John Kearns, Philosophy; David Shaw, Electrical Engineering; Claude Welch, Political Science; and John Zaharkin, Physiology and Biophysics.

Faculty and staff honored for completing 40 years of service were Carl Boccolucci, Campus Living; Jeremy Bruenn, Biological Sciences; Gary Casarella, Theatre and Dance; John Cotter, Pathology and Anatomical Sciences; Marshall Fagin, Restorative Dentistry; Dale Fish, Rehabilitation Science; Samuel Gallant, Pathology and Anatomical Sciences; Laurie Glieco, Office of the Registrar; Charles Glover, Athletics Instruction; Arthur Goshin, Epidemiology and Environmental health; Barbara Howe, Sociology, Daniel Jay, University Police; Robert Johnson, Dean’s Office, Dental Medicine; Jerry Linder, Human Resources; Amy Lyons, Health Sciences Library; Susan Martin, Law School; Joseph Mollendorf, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; James Nadbrzuch, Resource and Support Service; Rita Packard, Graduate School of Education; Mark Pierro, Environmental Health and Safety Services; Howard Pikoff, University Libraries; Paras Prasad, Chemistry; Dona Hue Ritter-Schmidt, Communicative Disorders and Sciences; Dennis Sagliani, University Facilities – Finance and Administration; Sateesh Satchidanand, Pathology and Anatomical Sciences; Cheryl Tubinis, Law School.

Recognized for completing 30 years of service were Maureen Adolf, Pharmaceutics; Alfredo Aguirre, Oral Diagnostic Sciences; Susan Allen, Library and Information Studies; Donald Alspaugh, Campus Living; Frank Aromola, University Facilities – Operations; Joseph Atkinson, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering; Dianne Avery, Law School; Darlene Badgett, Pharmaceutics; Robert Baier, Oral Diagnostic Sciences; Rajan Batta, Industrial and Systems Engineering; David Bauss, Campus Living; Alice Bergmann, Chemistry; Lois Blaustein, Student Health and Wellness; Barbara Bono, English; Bonnie Bright, CAS Student Advisement and Services; Colleen Bruce, Student Health and Wellness; James Burns, University Facilities – Operations; Laura Carlos, School of Management; Judith Catalano, Procurement Services; Craig Centrie, Transnational Studies.

Also, Patricia Condon, Procurement Services; Daniel Cook, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Donald Crawford, Psychiatry; James Cumella, Pediatrics; James Czyrny, Orthopaedics; Susan Davis, University Libraries – Central Technical Services; Mark Deuell, Network, and Classroom Services; Valerie Dobson, University Police; Darlene Dombroski, Microbiology and Immunology; Susan Dow, University Libraries – Access Services; Kimberly Doyle, University Libraries – Central Technical Services; Susan Eilenberg, English; Dwight Eisen, Campus Living, Kasra Etemadi, Electrical Engineering; Sandra Fairchild, Chemistry; Gerald Finnegan, Theatre and Dance; Ilene Fleischmann, Law School; Joanne Lantz Fletcher, University Facilities – Finance and Administration; Thomas Fritz, University Facilities – Operations; Hugh Ganser, Financial Aid.

Also, James Gerland, Millard Fillmore College; Dennis Gilhooley, Enterprise Application Services; Maureen Glenn, Law Library, Mary Goretti, University Facilities – Operations; Colleen Gray, University Facilities – Operations; JoAnn Greenzweig, CIO Administrative Operations Office; Katherine Gumulak, University Police; Uriel Halbreich, Psychiatry; Richard Hall, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Donald Hartman, Arts and Sciences Library; Edwin Heidelberger, Pediatrics; Wesley Hicks, Otolaryngology; Alex Ho, Periodontics and Endodontics; Cheryl Incorvia, Accessibility Resources; Kimberly Javor, Mathematics; Cindy Johannes, UB Foundation; Terry Justinger, University Facilities – Operations; Alan Kegler, University Life and Services; Christine Lee, Clinical Dentistry; Pao Lo Liu, Electrical Engineering.

Also, Belinda Lofton, University Facilities – Operations; Kathy Lukacz, UB Foundation; Peter Macie, University Facilities – Operations; William Macy, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; James Magavern, Law School; Martin Mahoney, Roswell Park Cancer Pathology and Prevention; Terrance McGuire, Internal Audit; Donald McLean, Family Medicine; William Menasco, Mathematics; Leonardo “Lenny” Miceli, Enterprise Infrastructure Services; Sharon Michalovic, Pediatrics; John Moorhouse, University Facilities – Operations; Thomas Newman, University Facilities – Operations; Ruth Oberg, Arts and Sciences Library; Peter Ostrow, Pathology and Anatomical Sciences; Won Park, Psychiatry; Lynn Pascucci, Social Work; Athos Petrou, Physics; Robert Pitzonka, University Facilities – Operations; Susan Prefontaine, University Libraries – Central Technical Services.

Also, Barbara Premielewski, Law School; Nancy Pyszczynski, Pharmaceutics; Ramaswamy Ramesh, Management Science and Systems; James Ramsey, Educational Opportunity Program; Barbara Ricotta, University Life and Services; Ronald Ripley, University Facilities – Operations; Steven Roder, Enterprise Infrastructure Services; Mary Ann Rogers, Organization and Human Resources; Mark Salt, University Facilities – Operations; Louis Schmitt, University Facilities – Operations; Robert Schneider, University Facilities – Operations; Mary Alice Schroeder, Clinical Dentistry; Barbara Segal, Pediatrics; Raymond Seitz, Accounting and Law; Arup Sen, Marketing; Daniel Sheehan, Pediatrics; George Siderakis, Millard Fillmore College; David Silverstein, Family Medicine; Bob Silvestri, Campus Living; Judy Smith, Athletics Instruction.

Also, Kenneth Smith, Computer Science and Engineering; Julie Marie Smith, Student Life; David Steward, College of Arts and Sciences; Susan Stouter, University Libraries; Jaynee Straw, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Robert Suska, Procurement Services; Joseph Syracuse, Toxicology Research Center; Laura Szefel, Institutional Research; Patricia Szymkowiak, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Kenneth Tarbox, University Facilities - Operations; Elaine Taylor, Ophthalmology; Kathleen Thaler, Animal Facilities; Thomas Tobias, Restorative Dentistry; Amy Tomaszewski; School of Management; Jill Uebelhoer, Restorative Dentistry; Christine Vidal, University Communications; Scott Wallace, University Police; Kevin Walsh, University Facilities – Operations; John Wood, International Education; Laura Yates, IT Policy and Communications; Brian Zelli, Millard Fillmore College; Frederick Zielinski, Campus Living.

UB communicators honored by Buffalo Niagara PRSA

Published July 9, 2015

The Office of University Communications and the School of Management were recognized for excellence by the Public Relations Society of America Buffalo Niagara chapter during the organization’s 2015 Excalibur Awards Program, held on June 18 in Buffalo.

Judging for the awards was performed by public relations professionals from the PRSA Dallas chapter.

Awards received by University Communications included Outstanding Practitioner, presented to John DellaContrada, associate vice president for media relations and stakeholder communications.

In the competition’s media relations category, University Communications earned a Gold Excalibur Award for the entry “Multimedia News Releases Grab Attention and Eyeballs.” University Communications also earned a Bronze Excalibur Award for “Goin’ to the Big Dance: Special Section of the UB Reporter.”  The two awards recognized the work of Charlotte Hsu, Douglas Levere, Marcene Robinson, Cory Nealon, Christine Vidal, Ellen Goldbaum, Bert Gambini, Charles Anzalone, Sue Wuetcher and Kristen Kowalski.

Awards presented to the School of Management included Gold Excalibur Awards for the news release “Who is More Narcissistic: Men or Women?” and for “Buffalo Business Magazine.” The school received a Silver Excalibur, for “Launching Leadership 2.0” and two Bronze Excalibur Awards for the articles “Food Truckin’ Up to Buffalo” and “Hacked: Financial Information Security in the Digital Age.”  The awards recognized the work of Jacqueline Ghosen, Kevin Manne, Matthew Biddle and Sarah Gilson.

Barb Byers, from the Office of Development and Alumni Communications, received a Gold Excalibur Award for “All Aboard the APR Express,”  a chapter workshop to promote the value of Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).

UB Smile Team honored

Published June 4, 2015

The UB Smile Team will receive the Daniel Acker Community Service Award at the Buffalo Branch NAACP’s 100th Anniversary Dinner, to be held June 14.

The team is being recognized for its efforts to promote dental education and provide free dental care in neighborhoods that lack adequate access to dental treatments. It also is being honored for the annual Smile Education Day, which visits more than 100 schools in the area.

CDS wins two awards in national competition

Published May 28, 2015

Campus Dining and Shops (CDS) received gold and silver awards in the 2015 Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards sponsored by the National College and University Food Service Association (NACUFS).

CDS won a gold award in the “Catering — Online Menu” category for Three Pillars Catering’s new website, launched in February.

The silver award, given in the “Residential Dining — Special Event” category, recognizes “The Hunger Games” theme dinner hosted at Crossroads Culinary Center (C3) in April. The event, which competed against 28 large schools in the category, garnered both local and national media attention for its unique food offerings and visual presentation.

CDS also won a gold Horton award in 2013 in the “Residential Dining Concepts” category for C3.

The Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards, named for the NACUFS founder and past president, are the ultimate tribute in the campus food service industry. They recognize exemplary menus, presentations, special event planning, and new dining concepts, and provide an avenue for sharing ideas and creative presentations in campus dining services.