Why is UB recommending a 7-day quarantine?

Published July 17, 2020

To reduce the risk of virus transmission, and in accordance with SUNY guidelines, a precautionary seven-day quarantine at their own residence is highly recommended for all UB students, faculty and staff who return to or come to campus in August (or thereafter) to start the academic year.

The university received clarification from SUNY that the seven-day precautionary quarantine is a recommendation, not a mandate (as previously reported), and it is voluntary. To be consistent with SUNY, UB has updated its guidelines accordingly.

The university’s guidelines will continue to be updated as needed in accordance with new recommendations from the state and CDC, and as new scientific findings emerge. Updates will be posted on the Health and Safety Guidelines webpage.

Upon return to campus, it is important and necessary that all individuals adhere to all UB health guidelines, which include the use of a face covering at all times, appropriate physical distancing and frequent handwashing.