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female student writing on whiteboard

Students participate in a sustainability forum, one of the many ways in which the UB community keeps its pulse on topics and issues in sustainability.

There’s a lot happening in sustainability at UB. Visit this page for the latest news and updates.


The UB community gets an A+ for generosity, donating more than 24,000 items in this year’s school supply drive sponsored by the Office of Community Relations. In all, 24,469 items were collected, making this year’s drive the most successful one yet.


Where can you learn how to be more “green” at work and home, see rescued birds, enjoy free samples of sustainable products and even donate items to Goodwill? The answer, of course, is the sixth annual UB Sustainable Living Fair.


The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus collaborates with National Grid to create a model of progressive approaches to energy use for the future.

Ariane Tardit (left) and Connor Zink examine water from Lake LaSalle. Photo: Erin Moscati

Children attending the UB Child Care Center’s summer camp last week learned about the importance of water to everyday life as part of an annual summer program presented by the Office of Sustainability.


UB undergraduate Deshawn Henry has developed an easy, inexpensive way to disinfect contaminated water, work that could have a tremendous impact in developing countries.


Research could lead to regulatory guidelines for environmental chemicals that disrupt ability to send ‘time-of-day’ messages