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female student writing on whiteboard

Students participate in a sustainability forum, one of the many ways in which the UB community keeps its pulse on topics and issues in sustainability.

There’s a lot happening in sustainability at UB. Visit this page for the latest news and updates.

Joan Linder artist
Wielding a pen, a Geiger counter and her artistic sense of curiosity, Joan Linder is documenting a haunting legacy.
GRoW home outside
How do you move a 40,000-pound house?
Sustainability may be one of those “squishy/mushy” buzz words too vague to be of much use. But the principle behind it demands citizens come to grips with the grave problems it was created to solve.
Using more than a decade’s worth of daily satellite images, researchers have determined ecosystems of South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region bounce back from wildfires much more quickly in warmer winter weather.
food department
In the United States, hunger and obesity go hand in hand. More than 17 million US households struggle to put food on the table, and when they do, it’s often high in fat and sugar because healthy options are scarce in low-income neighborhoods.
endangered species
Using a case study approach to investigate protection of endangered species, a UB Law School faculty member has found significant gaps in how public agencies keep track of endangered species agreements. The finding by Jessica Owley, associate professor, demonstrates key concerns with monitoring and enforcement of endangered species permits.