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female student writing on whiteboard

Students participate in a sustainability forum, one of the many ways in which the UB community keeps its pulse on topics and issues in sustainability.

There’s a lot happening in sustainability at UB. Visit this page for the latest news and updates.


Research could lead to regulatory guidelines for environmental chemicals that disrupt ability to send ‘time-of-day’ messages


A researcher at RENEW, Aga spoke about how antibiotics move through ecosystems and how to detect them.


The purpose of the National Grid/UB Engineering Leadership Camp is to stimulate student interest and to encourage curiosity.

Matthieu Bain (left) and Andrew Perkins in Spencer’s Art House, Flint, Mich. Photo: Ryan Garza

By restoring abandoned buildings with found materials, Andrew Perkins is battling a culture of rampant consumerism and reckless waste—and creating some pretty cool spaces in the process.

Rosie, spider

A protein UB scientists found in the venom of a South American spider could finally answer the need for an effective muscular dystrophy treatment - and save a young boy's life.


The colleges in this collection do a great job of teaching their students sustainable practices, working in their communities, and spreading information. These institutions deserve credit and encouragement.