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female student writing on whiteboard

Students participate in a sustainability forum, one of the many ways in which the UB community keeps its pulse on topics and issues in sustainability.

There’s a lot happening in sustainability at UB. Visit this page for the latest news and updates.

Later this summer, a family will move into its new home on Buffalo’s East Side. Thanks to a pilot project between Habitat for Humanity and the School of Architecture and Planning, the family will be comfortable staying in the house for a long time, even as its members reach their elder years.
UB is among a select group of academic institutions, industry and nonprofits tapped by the White House to form an advanced manufacturing hub designed to sustain the nation’s manufacturing resurgence.
women in STEM
Kathleen Murphy is all too familiar with the obstacles surrounding women in science, technology, engineering and math.
When civil engineer Marc Edwards (BS ’86) warned Michigan state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that lead-contaminated drinking water was poisoning the children of Flint, he expected them to declare an emergency. Instead, the regulators insisted there was no cause for alarm. That’s when Edwards, now frequently described as “The Hero of Flint,” realized he would have to take matters into his own hands.
Watering cans lined up against rain barrels gleam in the summer sunshine. Asparagus and peas cling to stakes, braced against the breeze. Concrete blocks form a makeshift entryway, inviting passersby to admire thriving rows of tomatoes, wax beans and rainbow Swiss chard.
Manure Management
Researchers from UB and three other U.S. universities are teaming up with dairy farms across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to study the effect of three different manure management techniques on preventing the occurrence and spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, genes tied to resistance and antibiotic residues — traces of antibiotics and the compounds they break down into.