Davis Hall Electrical Engineering Cleanroom

North Campus.

Thank you for your interest in using the Davis Hall Electrical Engineering Cleanroom, one of the Shared Instrumentation Laboratories. In order to gain access to the lab, please carefully read and follow the following steps:

1. Attend Laboratory Safety Training

Proof of laboratory safety training with UB’s Department of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) or certification of having completed required laboratory safety training within the previous 12 months that meet requirements of 40 CFR 262 (RCRA Hazardous Waste) and 29 CFR (OSHA Right to Know) is required. Training renewal is required every 12 months.

2. Attend an Initial Orientation and Training Session

All users of the Shared Instrumentation Laboratories must attend an Initial Orientation and Training Session. This session carries a one-time fee of $125 (academic) or $300 (industry) for each first-time user. This session includes discussion of your project, as well as orientation/training of lab-specific safety and other protocols, an introduction to lab entry/exit procedures, instrument scheduling, and providing you with swipe-card access to the facility.  The fee also includes any future training that may be required on any equipment within our facilities. See our rates page for additional information.

Initial Orientation and Training Sessions are held every Tuesday at 2 PM. Trainees should meet at the cleanroom entrance door (114 Davis Hall). Alternative sessions can be arranged if this time is not convenient by emailing David Eason, PhD.

A signed form is required to certify training. Please remember to bring the following form with you to training.

Please note that equipment specific training is not provided during the Initial Orientation and Training Session and must be scheduled during a separate time. Instructions for scheduling equipment training are located on the bottom of this page.

3. Complete the Lab Use Request form

This form can only be submitted when all of the above requirements are completed. To submit the form, you must have the following available to upload:

            EH&S Training Certification Card
            Initial Orientation and Training Session Certification

            Please note that the form cannot be saved to complete at a later date. 

How to schedule equipment training

Training is required for each piece of equipment that a user intends on operating. Staff at each of the Shared Instrumentation Laboratories provide this training by appointment only.

For instrumentation training in the Davis Hall Electrical Engineering Cleanroom, please contact David Eason, Ph.D. (645-8496), with exception for users of the JEOL EBL/SEM and Zeiss FIB/SEM.  For users of the JEOL EBL/SEM and Zeiss FIB/SEM, please contact Yueling Qin (645-8698) for training, approval and account assignments.