SEESL is accredited by the International Accreditation Service under ISO/IEC 17025 for the following seismic qualification protocols: 

  • Structural GR-63-CORE NEBS Requirements: physical protection
  • ICC ES AC156: Seismic certification by shake-table testing of nonstructural components (test methods referenced in section 6.0)
  • IEEE Std. 344: Seismic qualification of equipment for nuclear power generating stations
  • IEEE Std. 693: Recommended Practice for Seismic Design of Substations (testing practices only)

There is a growing interest in using coupled composite plate shear walls/ concrete-filled (CPSW/CF) for high-rise building construction, particularly to optimize the design for wind and/or seismic load combinations.  This test series investigated the inelastic cyclic response of C-Shaped and T-Shaped walls typically used in core-wall structures.


This study concentrated on the development of a practical low-cost seismic isolation system for lightweight residential construction. The study concluded that single concave rolling isolators cast in high strength concrete with a steel-reinforced urethane rolling ball and a displacement restraint system represent a promising isolation system.


A three dimensional seismic isolation system was developed and experimentally validated for high-voltage electric power transformers of weight in the range of 300 to 800kip.  Although the validation concentrated on electrical transformers, the system is currently (2019) under construction in a hospital in California.