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Currently Funded Research Projects

The following list shows RIA’s continued success in securing grants and financial support for its valuable research projects. The dedication of RIA scientists and their grantsmanship efforts have made this research possible. This section briefly describes each scientist’s individual projects as well as the funding sources and the amounts dedicated to each project.

Barnes | Welte | Tidwell | Patterson | Spicer
This study will examine the effects of gambling availability and sociodemographic factors on gambling and alcohol abuse among Native Americans in the U.S.
Barrick | McGillicuddy
This project proposes to develop a telephone-based, role-playing tool to assess the clinical skills practitioners learn in a variety of training settings.
Connors | Maisto | Dearing | Lucke
The working relationship between the patient and therapist during treatment for an alcohol use disorder will be studied to examine its influence on treatment effectiveness and post-treatment functioning. 
Derrick | Houston | Leonard | Lucke | Muraven
This project will study partner behaviors during a smoker’s attempt to quit in an effort to learn which behaviors most influence success.
Eiden | Leonard | Colder
Researchers will study the impact of early childhood risk and protection and parents’ alcohol problems on underage drinking and substance use in a prospective study spanning infancy to adolescence in order to help develop early interventions to address the issue.
Eiden | Colder | Homish | Schuetze
This study is investigating the impact of prenatal and postnatal exposure to cigarette smoke and associated environmental risks on the development of children’s physiological, emotional and behavioral regulation, reactivity to stress, and social competence from birth to kindergarten age.
Hequembourg | Livingston | Derrick | Collins
In this study, researchers will examine sexual identity differences in the mechanisms associated with sexual assault.
Homish | Leonard
Researchers will examine changes in substance use and relationship functioning in couples in which one person is a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. 
Leonard | Collins
This grant funds a postdoctoral training program for scientists planning a career in addictions research.
This study will explore the relationship-specific motivations for drinking alcohol with and apart from a romantic partner.
Livingston | Miller | Testa | Derrick | Lucke | Nickerson
This research will examine the conditions under which bullying and sexual harassment among teens may contribute to emotional distress and the development of substance use.
Livingston | Eiden | Leonard
Researchers will explore the effect of early childhood risks, such as parental alcoholism, on teens’ involvement with dating violence.