September 27, 2017 10 AM to 2 PM

This free event features staff and vendors offering ways to green our homes, yards, and offices while reducing our environmental footprint. Door prizes and free samples will be available. Please bring items shown on this list to donate to Hearts for the Homeless.

This year's participants

Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment

The Mission of ANHE: Promoting healthy people and healthy environments by educating and leading the nursing profession, advancing research, incorporating evidence-based practice, and influencing policy.


Association for Wild Animal Rehabilitation and Education, Inc.: Cares for orphaned, injured and distressed wildlife. As a part of our goal, we offer live educational programs to the general public using live disabled, but healthy birds.

Bee Keeping

UB Staff member Dave Marotta will exhibit about bee keeping.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and our surrounding neighborhoods are a vibrant urban community to work, live, and play.

Buffalo Niagara River Keeper

Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER® is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and connecting people to the water. We do this by cleaning up pollution, restoring fish and wildlife habitat, creating public access and enhancing educational opportunities.

Designing to Live Sustainably

Designing to Live Sustainably [d2ls] is both a competition with awards and a celebration of designs that become the tools through which we intend to nurture an emerging culture of social, economic and environmental sustainability in the Buffalo-Niagara Region.

Feel Rite Fresh Markets

Local chain of health food stores.

Five Points Bakery

Everything deserves respect, from farmers to people, buildings, neighborhoods and ways of life. Nothing means more to us at Five Points than creating that space in which we can all find that something that is calling to us.

Greater Buffalo Recycling

The Greater Buffalo Recycling Alliance is a group of organizations and individuals volunteering to increase recycling and reduce waste through education, collaboration, and advocacy. The goals of the GBRA include: meeting and surpassing the national average for percent of waste recycled (34%); saving taxpayer money being spent on collecting and landfilling garbage; reducing the environmental harms created by excessive waste; developing Community and Business awareness and embodiment of these concepts.

Hearts for the Homeless

Joy Kuebler Landscae Architect

We believe every landscape in every community has a story. We believe the core of landscape architecture is about truly understanding that story

Master Gardeners of Erie County

Training classes provide six weeks of instruction followed by testing in key areas relevant to carrying out the duties of a CCE Erie Master Gardener volunteer including Botany, Soils, Composting, Climate Change, Pest Identification and Management, Wildlife Management, Plant Diseases, Native Plants, Pruning and Lawn Care.

Core horticulture training is the first requirement of the CCE Master Gardener Volunteer commitment, followed by an agreement to volunteer at the host county for one or more years for a specific number of hours. Once you stop volunteering you are no longer a master gardener as it is not a certificate program.

If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer in Erie County, please contact the CCE Erie County office at (716)652-5400

Modern Corporation

Find out what happens to all the recycled material from UB

Morton Lane Credit Union


NFTA provides community owned scheduled ride sharing at extremely low rates for the general public as well as for people with disabilities. NFTA manages the Buffalo Niagara Airport and the Niagara Falls Airport.

National Fuel

National Fuel sells or transports natural gas to more than 740,000 customers through a local distribution system located in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania.

National Grid

National Grid is at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society – delivering clean energy to support our world long into the future.

New York State Power Authority

NYPA is the country's largest state public power organization, producing some of the cheapest electricity in North America.

Nissan Leaf Special Offer

Special incentives are available to purchase this vehicle.


NYSP2I is iving proof that government, academic and not-for-profit organizations can collaborate and get things done.

PUSH Buffalo

PUSH BUFFALO is a local membership-based community organization fighting to make affordable housing a reality on Buffalo’s West Side.

Reinstein Woods

Reinstein Woods Environmental Education Center is located at the Dr. Victor Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve - a unique 292-acre complex of forests, ponds, and wetlands surrounded by suburban development. Reinstein Woods offers a variety of opportunities to explore and learn about nature for families and people of all ages. I

Shared Mobility

SHARED MOBILITY is committed to the expansion of carsharing in Buffalo. From ridesourcing companies like Uber and Lyft to carsharing and bikesharing systems, SMI focuses on community-based strategies to improve mobility for everyone and grow these networks for lasting impact.

Sierra Club

SIERRA CLUB has outings and publications. There are environmental issues. Take action!

Solar Liberty

Solar Liberty installs photovoltaic (PV) solar electric systems on homes, nonprofit buildings, schools, government facilities, and businesses. 

Supportive Services Corporation

Supportive Services Corporation provides free weatherization assistance to income eligible Erie County residents outside the city of Buffalo.

Therapy Dogs

Pet owners bring their gentle dogs, cats, and smaller pets like rabbits to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, Hospice locations, schools, children's facilities, Buffalo/Niagara International Airport, and stress-relief events at colleges and universities.

UB Campus Dining and Shops

Campus Dining and Shops - Making a difference one plate at a time.

UB Campus Safety (Police)

Do you have unused pills or other pharmaceuticals that should be kept from others and could harm the environment if poured into the sewer? Take them to our safe collection site in the lobby of Bissell Hall. 

UB Career Services

Career Services is a career development center providing extensive services to students at all educational levels and across all academic disciplines, as well as lifetime resources to alumni. Career Services supports the objectives of the University and other departments/offices through educational programs and knowledge in the area of career development.

UB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

UB's diversity is our strength.  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) can assist with strategies to develop diverse and talented applicant pools, as well as training for search committees.

UB Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

UB believes that minimizing your concerns and stress, at work or at home, contributes to a better workplace for everyone. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) consultants can guide and offer you support. Explore these opportunities or suggest others to meet your needs.

UB Engineers for a Sustainable World

UB ENGINEERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD is a club that works to directly improve the quality of life on Earth through active example and by proactively working to lessen the harmful impact of humanity on the environment.

UB Parking and Transportation

UB CAMPUS PARKING AND TRANSPORTATION is dedicated to balancing the demand of parking allocation and transportation alternatives.

UB SA Environmental Network

This organization “is a student club aimed at creating a positive environment for environmental advocacy, education, and action. We seek passionate students to join our ranks and help create lasting change for a better environment!” This great network is frequently attending rallies promoting environmental causes.

UB Office of Sustainability

Our focus on teaching sustainability brings together our faculty, staff and students to learn about local and global sustainability challenges.

UB Swap Procurement

Any UB employee can advertise the availability of UB-owned equipment and supplies on UB SWAP for other UB staff or faculty to obtain for work-related purposes.  All exchanges of a particular item(s) are between the two parties involved.

UB Outdoor Pursuits

Our vision at UB is to provide for students, staff, faculty, alumni and the community at large opportunities to share in the experience of all aspects of outdoor adventure.

United University Professions (UUP)

The UUP studies many aspects of our working life and recommends improvements, attempts to correct problems, address injustices, and assure that all members receive due process rights.

Vegetarian Resource Group

The Vegetarian Resource Group is an activist non-profit organization that does outreach all-year-long. For example, in August 2017 VRG exhibited at the Animal Rights Conference in Alexandria, VA and the Western New York VegFest in Buffalo, NY.

Weavers Guild

WEAVER'S GUILD is a network of individuals who come together to exchange energies, information and philosophies about weaving and other fiber related arts for the purpose of keeping a craft we care about alive, as well as sharing it with others.


If you have questions, contact Jim Gordon at University Libraries ( or Janiece Jankowski at the Professional Staff Senate (, or 716-645-1312).