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At UB, we don’t accept the world as it is. We transform it for the better. Every day, with a passion for rigorous research matched only by a deep commitment to create positive change, our talented students and world-renowned faculty ask difficult questions, push past accepted boundaries and break new ground, leading the way in every field from chemistry to creative arts.

Here is how
Here is how
Your heart as a password

A Password You Know by Heart

A UB-led team has developed a more secure computer login that uses low-level Doppler radar to measure and monitor your heart.

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New concussion treatment

Tackle Concussions With Less Rest

More than a decade ago, UB’s John Leddy argued against prolonged rest for concussions. Now his research is shaping today’s concussion guidelines.

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New pneumonia vaccine

Pneumonia No More?

Researchers at UB are offering hope that the deadly disease can be eradicated in our lifetime with the development of a revolutionary new vaccine.

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Finding antidepressants in fish

Something Fishy in the Great Lakes

UB researchers have discovered a worrisome trend: high concentrations of chemicals from human antidepressants in the brains of fish in the Niagara River, floating serious environmental concerns for our waterways.

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brain scan of normal individual and a person with schizophrenia

Stopping Schizophrenia Before It Starts

New “mini-brain” research led by UB scientists suggests the disease originates early in fetal development, opening up the possibility of treating it in utero.

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Early human species found in saliva

Ghost in the Gene

A UB-led research project found traces of a “ghost” species of ancient humans in a group of modern-day Africans, contributing to mounting evidence that early hominin species commonly interbred.

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Yeti DNA found in Asian bears

Myth, Monster or Something More?

Yeti—the mythological apelike creature of the Himalayas—has been shrouded in mystery for generations. But UB biologists, utilizing DNA samples from museums and private collections, are providing new insight into the creature’s origins.

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UB students and faculty are applying knowledge to solve complex global challenges through research.