How You Help

Your generosity to UB helps to influence change, not only locally but globally. Take a moment to see how.

Give Kids a Smile Day.

UB’s Entrepreneurship Lab teaches students to be entrepreneurs by helping them research the market potential, write business plans and pitch their business ideas to investors.

Hand Washing and Public Health.

“What study abroad does is take us to places that were made in a snapshot in time, but that have had a life after that.”

Give Kids a Smile Day.

Once a year, children in need receive free dental exams, fluoride treatments, X-rays and sealants from the School of Dental Medicine.

Hand Washing and Public Health.

After working in the village of Goanpura near the city of Patna in Bihar State in India, Lavanya Krishnan is staggered by what we take for granted.

Enabling Athletes to Return to Play.

Researchers in the UB Concussion Clinic are pioneering a treatment for athletes and others with post-concussion syndrome.

Alternative Spring Break.

A growing number of UB students spend their spring break cleaning up parks, feeding the hungry, aiding the elderly and restoring damaged buildings.

End-of-Life Decision-Making.

It’s possible that School of Social Work Professor Deborah Waldrop studies the hardest questions of all: the questions that arise at the end of life.

Ed Michael Wrestling Complex.

UB’s wrestling facilities in Alumni Arena were basic—sufficient but not great. Now, after a $350,000 renovation, they’re great.