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Securing the Future

Aaron Fiebelkorn, BS '15, is a graduate student in the School of Management, and pursuing an independent study degree in cybersecurity.

Pursing an independent graduate degree alongside his MBA, Aaron Fiebelkorn, BS '15, is developing secure computer systems to protect the world from cyberattacks.

UB is in my blood. Both my parents are alumni, and my father has worked for the university since I was 5. I decided to continue the family tradition and earned my undergraduate degree from UB last year. I’m now in the MBA program, and, thanks to UB donors, am also pursuing an independent study degree in cybersecurity.

The support I received means that I am forging my own path toward a one-of-a-kind degree. It’s a really unique program, where my classmates and I lead the courses by researching and teaching each other, attending lectures and taking part in collegiate cybersecurity competitions. The competitions are like exams, in that they are a forum for us to test our technical skills and show teamwork, leadership and strategic ability. Competitions also reveal what we don’t know, and give us something to bring back to campus. This experience has truly given me a distinctive skill set unlike what any other program or school could offer.

I plan on becoming a security architect, which means I will design and develop secure computer systems and protect the world from devastating cyberattacks. While the field may be an unfortunate sign of the times, UB is preparing me well to face any situation so I can help make the world safer for all of us.

Thank you for helping make my UB experiences possible! I hope that with your continued support, others will benefit as I have. 

-Aaron Fiebelkorn, BS '15
Graduate Student, School of Management
Independent Study Student, Cybersecurity