Congratulations to our 2018-19 Faculty Research Grant Awardees:

Meredith Conti, Department of Theatre: "Gunpowder Plots: A Cultural History of Firearms and the American Theatre"


Sharonah Fredrick, Romance, Language & Literatures: "Female Mirrors of Piracy in the Americas: The Threat of the Virago, Real and Imagined, in Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean"


Ji-Won Son, Learning and Instruction: "Promoting Equitable Mathematical Experience for Underrepresented Girls"

Mary Nell Trautner, Department of Sociology: "Gender and Prosecution Decisions in Children’s Accidental Fatalities"


Meredith Conti.
Sharonah Fredrick.
Ji-Won Son .
Mary Nell Trautner.

2018-19 Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship

Gabriella Nassif, Ph.D. Candidate, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
"Research on migrant domestic workers in Lebanon"

Alexandra Prince, Ph.D. Candidate, History
"Research on the history of the turn of the 20th century Jamaican religious movement known as Bedwardism"

Gabriella Nassif.

Gabriella Nassif

Alexandra Prince.

Alexandra Prince