Weijun Wang, PhD

Weijun Wang, PhD.

Research Scientist


Contact Information

1021 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14203-1016
Office Phone: (716) 887-2219
Email: wwang@ria.buffalo.edu

Primary Research Areas

Substance use and intimate aggression in young people and community couples; youth culture and aggression (especially bullying); children’s participation; methodological/statistical emphases in the social and health sciences research field.

Research Projects

Testa | Livingston
This developmental research seeks to expand upon an existing approach to reduce college drinking as a way of preventing sexual victimization
Testa | Leonard | Collins
Researchers will examine the impact of alcohol and fluctuating levels of self-control on incidents of intimate partner aggression.
Livingston | Miller | Testa | Derrick | Lucke | Nickerson
This research examined the conditions under which bullying and sexual harassment among teens may contribute to emotional distress and the development of substance use.
Testa | Derrick | Leonard | Collins
The acute effects of marijuana use within couples was examined as a way of understanding the potential role of marijuana in understanding partner aggression, both immediately after use, and as it develops over time