Campaign for the Community

About the Campaign

The UB Employees Campaign for the Community started in 1976 as part of the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA). For over 43 years, the campaign has given all university employees and retirees a way to make a meaningful contribution to charitable organizations worldwide.

Our campaign consistently ranks among the most successful of its kind among the nation’s colleges and universities. UB donors can choose to contribute to any of more than 2,800 health, human service, educational, environmental and cultural organizations. Historically, over 80 percent of the money raised through the campaign has been designed for agencies in the Buffalo-Niagara region. These donations help tens of thousands of our fellow community members by providing services that align closely with UB’s priorities for community engagement in the areas of health and wellness, neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and pre-K-16 education.

Stay tuned for details about the 2020 Campaign for the Community!

We are currently hard at work planning for this year's Campaign. Please check back for more details in September. 

James O'Donnell, PhD

Dean, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chair, 2020 Employees Campaign for the Community

Dean Jame's O'Donnell.

Felisha Legette-Jack

Head Coach, Women's Basketball

Vice Chair, 2020 Employees Campaign for the Community


Coach Felisha Legette-Jack.