Students on stage at the Celebration.

All members of the UB community are encouraged to take part in the university-wide celebrations of scholarly, research and creative excellence.

As our UB community continues to move forward with campus-wide efforts to strategically plan for our future as a leading public university of the twenty-first century, it is especially fitting that we gather together in recognition of the vision, goals, and commitments that unite us as an academic community. We call together every member of the UB community in affirmation of our commitment to academic excellence, and in celebration of the accomplishments and contributions that best exemplify this spirit of academic achievement and aspiration.

We anticipate that the several celebratory events will reflect the strength and diversity of the talented and dedicated individuals who make our university strong, and we look forward to the active participation of faculty, staff, and students from across the university. Faculty, please consider attending the Celebration of Student Academic Excellence with your class or making it part of your syllabus that students attend the poster competition and exhibits - it's a great chance for students to learn about, and become inspired to participate in such projects.