Colloquium Series

Throughout the semester, the Department of Geography runs a Colloquium Series thematically tied to research and issues of a  geographical nature but intended to attract faculty, staff and students from across the disciplines. 

Unless otherwise specified, all Colloquia are at 3:15 pm in Fillmore 170.

All are welcome to join and attend. See the schedule below for further details. 

Current Schedule (Fall 2020)


Name and Organization


Faculty Host

Sep. 18

Dr. Joseph Kerski, Education Manager, ESRI

"5 Forces, 5 Trends, and 5 Skills Critical to GIS and Geography in the 2020's"

Dr. Ling Bian

Oct. 9

Dr. Mike Loranty,  Associate Professor, Colgate University

"Interactions Between Climate, Wildfire, and Permafrost in Siberian Boreal Forests"

Dr. Scott Mackay

Oct. 23

Dr. Daniel A. Griffith, Ashbel Smith Professor of Geospatial Information Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas

"Understanding Spatial Autocorrelation:  An Everyday Metaphor and Additional New Interpretations"

Dr. Eun-Hye Enki Yoo



Oct. 30 Dr. Joshua Inwood, Associate Professor of Geography and Senior Research Associate in the Rock Ethics Institute.  Affiliate Faculty Department of African American Studies "TBD" Dr. Marion Werner