Colloquium Series

Throughout the semester, the Department of Geography runs a Colloquium Series thematically tied to research and issues of a  geographical nature but intended to attract faculty, staff and students from across the disciplines. 

Unless otherwise specified, all Colloquia are at 3:15 pm in Fillmore 170.

All are welcome to join and attend. See the schedule below for further details. 

Current Schedule (Spring 2019)


Name and Organization


Faculty Host

Feb. 6

Dr. Andrew Crooks*, Department of Computational and Data Sciences and Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science, George Mason University

"Analyzing and modeling urban systems utilizing computational social science: Opportunities, examples, and challenges"

Dr. Sean Bennett

Feb. 8

Dr. Nate Royal**, Quantitative Risk Analyst Lead, M&T Bank, Buffalo, NY

"That house you won't have: How your name, race, income, and your mortgage affect urban redevelopment"

Dr. Jared Aldstadt

Feb. 22

Dr. Souma Chowdhury***,  Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo

"Morphological adaptation and collaborative autonomy: Towards UAVs for complex operations"

Dr. Ling Bian

March. 8

Mr. Willard Schulmeister***,  COO & GIS Specialist, EagleHawk One, Inc., Buffalo, NY

"Application of drones to research and business projects in the field of geography" Ms. Misa Yasumiishi

*Co-Sponsored by the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis and the College of Arts and Sciences

**Co-Sponsored by the Center for Trade, Environment, and Development 

***Co-Sponsored by the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis