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A resume is a one- to two-page document that outlines your education, skills, accomplishments, and experience. Its purpose is to help you capture the attention of an employer so you can get an interview.

What To Put On Your Resume

When seeking a full-time job, design your resume to highlight your most related experience and skills. Write about internship(s), related volunteer experiences; academic or individual projects depending on your field of study or career goals.

Here are some typical sections to include:



Objectives can be an opportunity to connect you to a specific job/internship, but they are not mandatory


Seeking an internship in human services for the Summer of 20XX utilizing demonstrated interpersonal and helping skills.


Lists your degrees and other relevant training.

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Bachelor of Arts or Science, Major, Expected Month 20XX


• Action verbs and bullets.  Use strong verbs like “created” rather than soft verbs like “assisted.”

• Avoid passive phrasing such as “duties include,” “responsible for,” or “project was completed by using.”

• Quantify information by including numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts.

• Demonstrate achievements by showing how you saved an employer money, time or resources.

• Freshmen/sophomores: List high school experiences.

Kids 1st Therapy
, Getzville, New York 
• Observed up to 15 therapy sessions every week with licensed therapist
• Studied sessions in which therapist utilized Lidcombe Therapy techniques 
Tricks for Applying for a Job or Internship

If you have related professional experience, showcase that experience at the top of your resume detailing your accomplishments that might apply to that job.


Title of Project, Semester Year 

• Identify team/classroom/individual noteworthy academic projects. 

• Concisely demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

• Integrate other skills when communicating specific accomplishments.
(Ex: Presented findings to more than 30 students, enhancing communication and presentation skills.) 

• Include your individual contributions and outcomes where possible. 

Marketing Plan, Spring 20XX

• Perform situation analysis to determine relevant details about potential market share and target audience

• Identifying opportunities and challenges based on analysis to begin developing measurable objectives, strategies and implementing media plans


This is especially helpful when looking for internships or part-time job without having a lot of work experience.

Organization, Title, Date Range

• Include accomplishments using strong verbs.

UB Club Hockey, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

• Organize and lead weekly practices for team of 15

• Study practice schedules and modify practices to simulate competition

• Communicate with and encourage players to develop team chemistry


Indicate noteworthy academic, athletic, community, club, and employer recognition. If 1-3 honors, consider incorporating into Education section rather than creating separate section. 

Health Essential Association’s Volunteer Service Award            20XX

Resume Writing Tool

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Tips From Recruiters

1. Customize your resume to each application.

2. Try to avoid the use of first and third person pronouns, such as “I,” “he,” or “she.” 

3. Refrain from using slang or jargon.

4. Spell out all acronyms the first time they are used, followed by the acronym in parentheses. 

5. Use a variety of "action words" to bring your skills and experiences to life and avoid using each word more than once. 

6. Use Keywords - Scan the job description, see what words are used most often, and make sure you’ve included them in your bullet points.

7. Pick a format and stick to it. Use consistent spacing, font, and format and convert to a PDF.

8. Name Your File Smartly - Save it as “Jane Smith Resume” instead of “Resume.”

9. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread - ask family or friends to check for spelling + grammatical errors.

10. Get your resume reviewed. Hint: Have one of our expert career counselors or career peers review your resume during an Express 20-minute same-day appointment.

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Have one of our expert career counselors review your resume during an Express 20-minute same-day appointment.

International Resumes

Many countries use the words resume and CV interchangeably, so make sure you understand what documents you are required to submit.

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