About: The Samuel P. Capen Chair was created in 1998, when Jorge J. E. Gracia was appointed first chair, to support research initiatives and interdisciplinary activities in the humanities and the arts, particularly in underrepresented areas. Under his direction, the Capen Chair has sponsored numerous publications, conferences, and art exhibitions including Cuban Art Outside Cuba, Painting Borges, and Estévez: Images of Thought, among others.

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Fall 2019 Benchmark Conference

The Capen Chair Benchmark 2019 Conference,  “A Collection of Individuals: The Philosophical Legacy of Jorge J. E. Gracia”, brought together fifteen distinguished speakers, UB Alums, each of whom wrote their dissertation under Gracia's supervision. The event was held in the context of a SUNY Press book launch for an intellectual memoir by Gracia, for SUNY Press.  The conference, organized by UB Alums William Irwin and Jonathan J. Sanford, featured presentations by Gracia's former students. Learn more about the benchmark conference.

Art Exhibition

On January 31, 2019, the Binghamton University Art Museum opened the exhibition, Visions and Imagination: Cuban American and Argentinian Art. Many pieces in this collection were donated by Jorge and Norma Gracia, each of whom spoke to the audience about some of the works they permanently gifted to the museum. Learn more.

Art & Literature

A particularly significant topic for the Capen Chair within art and literature is interpretation, that is, the understanding of art through literature, and vice versa, and their implications for the philosophy of race, ethnicity, and Hispanic/Latino identity.

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Race & Ethnicity

The topics related to race and ethnicity include philosophy, art, and literature. The foci are the philosophy of race, ethnicity, nationality, and the particular issues that come up in the context of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and Latin America.