UB 2020 is UB’s far-reaching vision for our continued growth as a world-class public research university.

WHAT IS UB 2020?

The University at Buffalo’s mission as a leading 21st-century research university is dedicated to advancing the greater public good through our ideas, discoveries and innovations. | Learn more.


UB 2020 News

UB innovators can take part in a pitch contest to win up to $2,000 for ideas to help older adulsts stay in their homes.


UB's partnership with Evergreen Health opens new avenues for clinical research and training in the areas of HIV and hepatitis C.

Feeling the impact
“Nature does not create problems in a single discipline, so to solve the larger problems we have to bring people together. We started our multidisciplinary approach with UB 2020 and the next logical stage is to work on real-world problems.”
University at Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi on UB's Communities of Excellence