UB Brand Master Class (8/19/2016)

Presenters: Ologie

This presentation, divided into two sections, dives deep into a range of topics to help ensure that our message, voice and look are on-brand and on-point.

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Morning Session (Part 1) Index:

  • [0:00–5:20] Review of Objectives
  • [05:20–39:00] Messaging Map Discussion: creation process, successes, challenges and questions
  • [39:00–1:29] Visual Language Review: understanding and incorporating the brand guidelines
  • [1:29–2:25] Our Brand Voice and Tone in Action: key verbal elements of the evolved UB brand within our communications

Afternoon Session (Part 2) Index:

  • [0:00–35:00] Communications Sharing: a look at what communicators have been working on
  • [35:00–1:21] Building a Great Communication Brief: a walk-through of the aspects of developing future communications
  • [1:21–1:47] Using Video in Compelling Ways: ten tips for creating or using video for storytelling
  • [2:15 – 2:27] Understanding Audiences: tailoring content to intended audience groups