Experiential Learning

Through our winter experiential learning offerings, students have the opportunity to learn through volunteering, career development and research.

Engineering students.

Alternative Winter Break

Alternative break programs engage students in experiential learning through community service and volunteerism during their fall (Thanksgiving), winter or spring break.

American English Pronunciation

The English Language Institute’s (ELI) American English Pronunciation course offers instruction and practice in stress and intonation, fluency, listening and production of American English sounds. Register at the ELI, 210 Baldy Hall, North Campus.

Career Design Center

Prepare for the future and develop career-readiness through the Career Design Center winter learning opportunities.

Experiential Learning Network (ELN)

The Experiential Learning Network (ELN) serves as a hub for undergraduate students interested in finding challenging research and mentored projects that match their academic interests and career goals.

Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

CSTEP supports talented underrepresented students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), licensed and health-related professions. CSTEP offers preparation, resources and opportunities critical to student success.