Find a course that’s right for you.

Students walking on the North Campus.

Check out the courses offered by UB departments during winter session. Make a selection from the buttons below to view course descriptions, locations and times. To learn how to register, see the enroll page.

Assess your online readiness.

For assistance with online readiness and to find remote-learning resources including navigating and participating in an online classroom setting, advice for mental and physical wellbeing, and disability and accessibility resources, be sure to visit Open SUNY’s resources for success in your online courses

Find an online testing center.

The SUNY Exam Proctoring System provides an easy way to search, locate and suggest proctored testing centers in New York State if one is required for the course you are taking. To find out if a proctored exam is needed for your course(s), refer to the course description or instructor of the course.

Connect with faculty.

Use the UB phone book to find faculty contact information.