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UB launches social justice website

Screen shot of home page of UB social justice website.


Published May 27, 2021


Over the past year, the President’s Advisory Council on Race has been working to explore, understand and respond to racism and systemic inequality.

As UB begins to implement the advisory council’s recommendations, a new website has been created to reaffirm the university’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice, and to chronicle UB’s efforts to foster a university culture that thrives on these values.

To learn more about UB’s initiatives, visit UB’s social justice website.


Honestly, this is a decent idea, especially for a university as big as this one.

I just hope it's social justice done right. As in, no extremism or overbearing accusations of the dominant culture. You know how people sometimes like to say things like, "all men are [insert negative stereotype]" and similar statements? I'm just a little worried about that, despite academic guidelines pushing otherwise.

Xavier Stanton