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UB CIGBS to lead COVID-19 antibody test research program


Published June 16, 2020


UB’s Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS) will lead the investigation of COVID-19 rapid antibody testing and quantitative antibody testing at several locations, including Western New York.

The program, led by Gene D. Morse, CIGBS director and SUNY Distinguished Professor in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, will evaluate leading-edge quantitative serology diagnostic equipment developed by Watmind USA Inc., a developer of microfluidic chemiluminescent technology for serology testing, including solutions addressing COVID-19.

If successful, the research will identify the role of rapid and quantitative testing for individuals with COVID-19, their family members and other high-risk groups. The program will also enhance workforce planning by investigating the role of antibody testing in re-introducing the workforce and economic re-engagement.

Additional laboratories that have validated quantitative antibody assays will be engaged to compare results from different antibody testing systems.

Watmind USA has donated its fourth-generation, quantitative, microfluidic chemiluminescence M2 and M5 instruments, as well as several thousand disposable lateral flow immunoassay disposable test kits and microfluidic reagent chips, to the CIGBS. The M2 and M5 are among the world’s first portable quantitative fourth-generation serology machines.

The CIGBS is an international hub for addressing global health challenges through pharmacological research, and drug and vaccine development by bringing together UB faculty from research, clinical and applied programs.