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  • Helping young dancers improve their craft

    UB staff member Miranda Bosse spends her summer hours at her childhood dance studio teaching dancers who want to hone their skills.

  • New book highlights Gambini’s love for pro football history

    The UB staff member has contributed to three books, the most recent about the 1951 Los Angeles Rams and pro football’s westward expansion.

  • Tending the Growcery

    Career Design Center staff member Jenna Hubbard spends her summer hours harvesting lettuce, unique vegetables and edible flowers.

  • Mauck practices what he preaches

    UB's director of athletic bands also brings high standards to his other gig as a trombonist for a Chicago tribute band.

  • Feeding the birds and bunnies at the SPCA

    UB dental school staffer Eileen McIlhagga takes care of the tiniest animals as a volunteer with the agency’s Wildlife Department.

The View

Faculty experts weigh in on trending topics. Their views and opinions are based on their expertise and research, and do not represent the official positions of UB.

  • How to discuss school anxiety, violence, bullying with kids

    Amanda Nickerson, director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention, offers some strategies for parents when handling these sensitive topics.

  • UB astrophysicist explains wormholes

    Dejan Stojkovic says a wormhole is like a tunnel between two distant points in our universe that cuts the travel time from one point to the other.

  • Donating to aid abortions is First Amendment right

    Law professor Lucinda Finley says donating to funds — even where helping women get abortions is illegal — is protected by Supreme Court precedents.

  • Roe draft further politicizes court, UB expert says

    Law professor Lucinda Finley says the draft Supreme Court ruling that would overturn the right to abortion puts other rights at risk as well.

  • Invasion of Ukraine means losses for Democrats in Nov.

    UB political scientist Jacob Neiheisel says that unless the situation improves soon, Democrats should expect losses in the 2022, 2024 elections.

Questions & Answers

Awards & Recognition

  • UB pediatrician honored by perinatal bereavement group

    Praveen K. Chandrasekharan is being recognized both for his compassion as a clinician and proficiency as a researcher.

  • Kahn named SfAA fellow

    The UB medical anthropologist has been recognized by the Society for Applied Anthropology.

  • Colón receives RCSA diversity award

    The UB scientist is one of six recognized by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement for research excellence and contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • Bowen recognized as a SSWR fellow

    The UB School of Social Work researcher has been honored for her accomplishments and leadership on issues of social work practice and policy.

  • Jacobs School researchers capture ASPIRE challenge

    The winning research project in the prestigious competition focuses on helping to solve the opioid crisis in the U.S.