Campus News

Dennis Maher talking to graduates of SACRA

Graduates of the Society for the Advancement of Construction-Related Arts program say they've learned more than just how to hammer a nail.  


Award winners James Simmons and Hamadi Shebule are the most recent examples of EOC’s legacy of transforming lives.


Sebastian Copeland will discuss his polar expeditions and the perils of climate change as part of the RENEW lecture series.


Thousands of books for this year's AAUW sale were donated from the collections of two recently deceased UB faculty members.


The coach who led the UB women's basketball team to the Sweet 16 will remain at the university through 2023.


Paleobiologist Jack Tseng talks about recent research on fossilized poop and what it tells us about how ancient ecosystems functioned.


A dance installation presented by UB and the Buffalo Museum of Science tackles the effect of microorganisms on health, mood and love.


Some of the world’s most renowned ensembles and composers will be attending UB’s annual new music festival for emerging composers.


A proposal addressing solid waste management through an innovative approach to adolescent education will represent UB in the finals.


A public forum revealed renovations and demolitions slated for UB's historic Main Street Campus.


The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership will receive a share of the $1 million awarded in the STEM Coalition Challenge.


A Roomba for the lawn? UB Facilities managers are looking at the Spider to address safety concerns, and save time and money.


The Excelsior Award program was created to highlight design excellence in publicly funded architecture in NYS.